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Summertime rollin’ right along

We’ve been doin all sorts of fun stuff with fun people lately.  Roger, Brendan, Wes and I had time to do Adopt-A-Highway for Mountain Skills Climbing Guides in the Minnewaska State Park Preserve.  We managed to pick up a good amount of garbage on our first try.  It’s amazing how many returnables we picked up.  That’s 5 cents people!!!  Recycle it!!!  We are also sponsoring an area up in the Catskill Mountains for a clean up as well.  Everyone has been taking trips out and group trips like Outdoor Bound have been a real blast lately.  If you have not heard of Outdoor Bound and live in the city or surrounding areas check them out for hiking, mountain biking, sailing, hang gliding, and just about any other cool thing you could think of.  We thought the rock climbing, mani-pedi, wine tasting combo would be a real hit.

Roger Ennis, Brendan Mealia, and Wes Converse Adopt A Highway by the Peterskill

Doug Ferguson hiking Hamilton Point at Minnewaska Sate Park Preserve

My wife Christie and I also took a hike up to Castle Point and Hamilton Point the other day.  Wow what a lot of rock just waiting to be had.

Stone Mountain Farm 5.8

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