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Mohonk Preserve rock climbing

I took Connie and Thong out for their first multi-pitch climbs.  Both have done a lot of top roping with super fun Outdoor Bound based out of New York City.  It was time to set them free into the world of classic Gunks’ exposed rock climbing.  We hit the cliff around 11:30 a.m.  It had rained pretty hard the night before so the late start was actually fairly helpful.  I racked up and went over some logistics about the climbs and started up pitch 1 of Jackie 5.5.  Those guys had a blast sweating and scaring themselves up the route and threw the overhangs.  Pitch 2 of Jackie is a nice mellow corner with a good amount of exposure to spice things up a bit.  We all decided to walk off the Uberfall decent route (the blueberries on the top of the cliff are peaking right now) since a group was top roping below us.  After we got back to our backpacks and ate some lunch I decided to climb Frog’s Head 5.6.  Connie and Thong were blown away buy the steep, moderate climbing on pitch 2.  The view from the ledge with the puffy clouds floating by was amazing.  Beautiful pastel tones on the horizon told me it was getting past 5 p.m.  One 200 foot belay assisted rappel back to our packs and the day was coming to a end for us.

Jackie 5.5 pitch 1 The Trapps

Jackie pitch 2 5.5 The Trapps


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