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Hudson Valley Mountain Rescue training

Mark Folsom at Hudson Valley Mountain Rescue training

Mountain Skills Climbing Guides trained with the Hudson Valley Mountain Rescue squad on Wednesday in the northern section of the Mohonk Preserve.  The training was really just to get people more aquainted with the command center operations and sending teams into the woods on a mock search.  Mountain Skills Climbing Guides Mark Folsom, Ralph Schimmenti and I set out as a team to search for a fake child who had been lost since the night before.  Our area to search was a sub ridge line up by the Larson property.  We set out on our mission and hiked the ridge line looking for the clues the DEC had given us that morning.  After hiking and searching for about 40 minutes or so we found the big prize waiting in the woods.  It was actually a DEC Ranger and not a small child.  We were all pretty happy that we found the subject in good condition and did not have to carry anyone out.  Even though this was a easy exercise in search and rescue it was fun and fairly educational.  The Preserve Rangers, DEC Rangers, and volunteers did a great job putting everything together and making this training work.

Ralph Schimmenti at Hudson Valley Mountain Rescue training


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