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High Angle Rescue Training with Mohonk Preserve Rangers and Mountain Skills Climbing Guides

Mark Folsom lowering with the litter

Mountain Skills Climbing Guides Wes Converse, Mark Folsom, and Doug Ferguson and the Mohonk Preserve Rangers Frank Tkact, and Ken trained with the high angle rescue equipment last week in the Uberfall area of Ken’s Crack 5.7.  The Preserve Rangers are really experienced with high angle rescue senarios and it was a honor to be able to learn from them.  Frank and Ken allowed us to see what to do in case the rangers are not around in the event of a accident at the cliff.  Our guides got to raise and lower the litter, build the wrap 3 pull 2 anchors, use the rack rappel device, and play around with the Gizmo bag (tether and 5-1 hauling system).  I’m sure I’m just being a gear geek but some of the equipment the Mohonk Preserve has is way cool to use.

Doug Ferguson lowering with the litter

Wes Converse lowering with the litter


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