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Ice Climbing In Adirondacks Chapel Pond and Cascade Pass


Crystal Ice Tower NEI 4-


Brendan wading threw deep snow on pitch 3 of White Line Fever NEI 3


Doug Ferguson on Pitchoff Left NEI 3-4

Brendan Mealia and I hit the Adirondacks on Thursday with the brief intermission between winter storms.  I’ve been waiting for the Catskills to patch itself up a little from the last rain we got.  Either way neither of us could pass up the chance for good weather and some great climbing in the Adirondacks.  I have been waiting to climb White Line Fever II NEI 3  in the Chapel Pond area for sometime now.  Coupled with Crystal Ice Tower NEI 4- this makes for a really fun day of climbing.  Brendan lead  Crystal Ice Towersince he had never been on it before and I got the first pitch of White Line Fever.  We did this route in three pitches, the last two pitches are real rope stretchers with a 70 meter rope.  I have to say we really had a lot of fun on this route.  Good exposure, easy run out sections for spice, and great tree belays.  We hit Cascade Pass after our Chapel Pond romp and finished the Day with Pitchoff Left NEI 3-4.

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