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Stoney Clove/East Crag 12-21-08

We had a group up climbing ice today in Stoney Clove.  John and I had checked out our options the day before by driving up into the cloves and sniffing around with our eyes, ears ,and tools.  East Crag Corner, Castle Grey Skull, and the East Crag Pillar were all a lot of fun.  Close to two feet of standing powder on the ground and unplowed parking areas makes the day take a little more time.  Bring a shovel for maybe the next week or so.  The ice is slowly making a come back.  It’s thin in most spots with snice on top of it.   Lots of moving water behind the ice and tinsel for the curtains forming.  Moving around on the tops of the climbs is easier and the approach is much more enjoyable with all the snow.  Enjoy it while you can.  Check out our new Catskills Ice Climbing Conditions page at

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