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New York City’s Winter Fest 2009 ice climbing wall


Winter Jam 2009 ice climbing wall

So the boys and I went down to the city to work at Winter Jam on Saturday.  Winter jam is a chance for New Yorkers to get out and play around on winter minded activities like ice climbing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and snowboarding.  The weather turned out to be amazing all day.  The crowds were huge and it seemed like everyone had a great time.  Red Bull had the Snowscrapers contest a day or two before with all the big riders in snowboarding land attending.  We had a ton of fun meeting new people and working pretty hard to keep folks happy with the long lines during the day.  Also a great job by Aura 360 and Michias for making this gig come together.  On a more ice climbing related note,  John Mackey took a trip out to the Platte Clove Waterfalls on Friday and said everything was super fun to climb.  That place just doesn’t disappoint when it’s in.  Yesterday he took a group up to Deep Notch and had a great day.  If we can make it through this little warm up we are going to have one hack of a second half.


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