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Banff Film Fest, Catskill Ice Conditions 03-06-09

My wife Christie works for the NY/NJ Trail Conference as the Regional Cordinator for most of East Hudson area.  Along with all the trail work they do, grant writing, volunteers, the list could go on for ever  Getting donations is a huge part of what they do.  We sold raffle tickets at the Banff Mountain Film Fest in Suffern last Wednesday night with all the proceeds going to the Trail Conference.  All the equipment for the raffle was donated by Ramsey Outdoors.  You guys are awesome.  We managed to sell over $1,700 worth of raffle tickets.  I was amazed how people opened up their wallets for a good cause like the Trail Conference.  Totally amazed.  We are also selling raffle tickets for the Trail Conference at both of the New York City Banff shows.  Oh yea, the clips are amazing.  Base jumping into a 2,000ft cave, Wow!  John Mackey had a client out Thursday in the Catskills and had said the conditions are great right now.  We are going up the climb Buttermilk Falls today to try and get some last licks in.  I’ll have photos in the morning.


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