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Gunks Rock Climbing 03-15-09

Ever since Thursday this week I have been rock climbing up at the Gunks enjoying what the Trapps has to offer.  It’s funny how the ice climbing season in the Catskills will make you forget all about this place.  Than all of a sudden your back and climbing in the warm sun again, seeing friends along the under-cliff carriage road, and climbing one classic route after another.  We have a different peregrine falcon climbing closure so far this year.  The couple seems to be hanging out around the new rock fall area above Hawk.  I have spotted them a few times walking along the carriage road.  The closure goes from Credibility Gap to the Dis-Mantle Block area.  There is  a large amount of good climbing routes in this area but we need to allow the birds there right for survival.  It’s birds like this that make the Gunks even more special of a climbing area.


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