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Gunks Arrow Wall


Doug Ferguson enjoying the weather on Limelight 5.7

My friend Pete and I climbed the Arrow Wall on Thursday.  It was clear as a bell and warm.  T-shirt weather.  What a difference a day makes.  On Wednesday it snowed while I climbed Son of Easy O 5.8, City Lights 5.8, and Frogs Head 5.6.  It had been a while since I climbed at the Arrow Wall and Pete had never really climbed anything in that area before.  Pete climbed Limelight 5.7 and I climbed Three Doves 5.8+ before going back to the ground.  We also climbed Proctor-Scope 5.9+ and top roped Feast of Fool’s 5.10b off of the chain anchors to finish the day.  I honestly think the Gunks is the Disneyland of rock climbing areas.  Our own Magic Kingdom in New York.  If you would like to climb all of the classic routes on the Arrow Wall at the Gunks give us a call at 845-853-5450 or email to set up your perfect adventure.


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