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Gunks rock climbing 04-17-09 and NY/NJ Trail Conference trail building


Trail building at Wonder Lake, N.Y.

What a weekend we had at the Gunks.  The weather was amazing all weekend.  Friday we climbed down by Simple Suff 5.10a/b, the first pitch of Falled on Account of Strain 5.9, Wasp 5.9, and Tangled up in Blue 5.8.  I had never climbed Tangled up in Blue 5.8, and thought it was pretty good for not getting many stars.  Saturday Mark Folsom took three people to the Peterskill for a Top Rope Anchor Building Course.  This is a great course for people breaking in to climbing outside.  It really givesyou a good foundation for becoming a more independent climber.  I did trail work for the NY/NJ Trail Conference at Wonder Lake.  I had a ton of fun building rock steps and side hilling for the day.  Sunday took us all back up to the Trapps for some climbing on Silhouette5.7+, Updraft 5.5, and Last Will Be First 5.6.  All three of these climbs are in the same area and offer a wide variety of climbing for the Gunks.


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