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Guided Rock Climbing Weekend at the Gunks 05-10-09


Bonticou talus field


Christie climbing Dennis 5.5 at the Trapps

Saturday we managed to beat the rain and wet rock by heading up to Bonticou Crag.  It had rained pretty hard from 3:00am to 6:00am.  The fog had rolled in and it certainly didn’t seem like we would be climbing at the Gunks.  The decision was made to take our group to climb at Bonticou Crag.  The great thing about Bonticou is it has no tree canopy to keep the moisture in.  The cliff dries off very fast even with 100% humidity.  At the same time it’s not the best place to climb at in 90 degree days.  Before we knew it the fog started to lift and we had partly sunny skies.  Therock was dry as a bone and everyone was really enjoying themselves.  Sunday rolled around and we had small climbing parties going to the Trapps and the Peterskill.  I climbed with my wifeChristie for Mother’s Day at the Trapps.  Christie has a job with the NY/NJ Trail Conference which takes up a lot of her time so climbing isn’t really in the plan much these days.  She climbed Dennis 5.5, The Blackout 5.9, and Raubenheimer Special 5.7 with no problems at all. 


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