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Gunks Memorial Day Rock Climbing Weekend


Buildins g three point anchors on the top of the Peterskill


Belaying the second from a re-directed belay at the Peterskill

Mountain Skills Climbing Guides had a great time on Memorial Day weekend guiding rock climbing trips all over the Gunks.  The weather held off all weekend leading me to believe once again that the weatherman is just about always wrong.  The weekend started on Friday with Brendan climbing with client Blaise on the Arrow Wall at the Trapps all day and Doug doing a half day at the Peterskill going over Top Rope Anchors and route selection for children just learning to climb.  Saturday we had people climbing at the Trapps and Peterskill for full and half days.  Sunday I did another half day Top Rope Anchor Building Course at the Peterskill.  For some reason the black flies were really bad on Sunday.  I had on long pants and they still seemed to bite me.  Monday I headed out to Bonticou with Azel and Adam for a change scenery.  We climbed the Pin Line 5.5 2 pitches and than headed over to the top rope routes on the north end of the crag.  With the clear skies the view of the Catskill’s was amazing to see.  I am headed to Mt. Rainier to climb the Liberty Ridge next week with guide John Mackey and friend Bob G.  It should be a pretty amazing experience.


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