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Mountain Skills Climbing Guides Adopt A Highway clean up in Minnewaska and the Peterskill


Ralph picking up garbage for the Adopt A Highway program along 44/55


Stacking up the bags along 44/55

On Wednesday Ralph and I cleaned up a substantial part of 44/55 going though Minnewaska State Park Preserve and the Peterskill rock climbing area.  We picked up about 7 bags of trash from along 44/55 as well as a large bag of returnables.  Thursday Mark Folsom and I went back out to clean up some more of 44/55.  This time we clean up another four bags of garbage.  Mountain Skills Climbing Guides has two Adopt A Highway sections in our area.  Our other area is 214 in the Catskills close to the ice climbing area Deep Notch.  I am leaving for Mt. Rainier to climb the Liberty Ridge this week.  I should have a nice report with a ton of photos around June 8th or so.


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