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AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Provider Course


Eric Deburg teaching the AMGA SPI Course

Re-directing the Gri-Gri for a lower

 A couple of weeks ago I started the AMGA Single Pitch Instructors Providers Course training.  This training over time allows instructors to sit in, co-teach and sit in on more AMGA SPI Courses.  It is meant as a way of standardizing the course so if you take it from one provider it should be the same as taking it from another provider anywhere in the country.  I love taking courses from other climbing instructors.  It always gives me new or different information to pass along to clients or friends.  I always learn a new trick or something I had never thought of before.  This is the reason I take courses as much a possible.  Someone always has something amazing light to shed on you.  The AMGA SPI Provider Course training process will most likely take me two years to complete.  With running a business sometimes it’s not easy to take time off for other courses.   I look forward to being able to shadow and assist in more of these courses when ever time allows.


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