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Case Route on Wallface in the Adirondacks

John Mackey and I have been planning on doing the Case Route on Wallface in the Adirondacks in the winter.  We decided to do a alpine same day in and out mission.  I have climbed a handful of routes on Wallface before so I know what to expect back in that area.  The forecast from Weather Channel and also NOAA was for 20% chance of rain, partly cloudy skies and 50 degress.  Sounds like good conditions for climbing in the Adirondacks on November 24th. 

We arrived at the parking lot late the night before.  Got up at 4:00am for a 5:ooam start.  It was misting and kind of raining the entire way in.  The trail was trashed and totally under water.  Both of our shoes were soaked.  The same approach shoes we were going to climb in.  Thank God for that second pair of socks we both brought.

Once we got to Summit Rock we took a small break.  The ceiling was very low and you could not see 50 feet in front of you.  Everything was wet.  We made our way to the base of the climb and racked up for a small adventure.  We managed to climb 4 pitches before we bailed.  At that point you could not see more than 20 feet or so.  We made our way back to our packs for some more food and a long walk back.

Slightly crushed with our bad luck with the weather we still had a good time.  The next time in will be in the winter.  I’m sure things will go better for us.


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