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North Face of Pitchoff Ice Climbing Adirondack’s

John, Ralph and I headed up to the Adirondack’s on 12-16-09 for some ice climbing at the North Face of Pitchoff.  Winter has started a little later than last year so it is basically early season ice.  Pitchoff is pretty reliable in the early and late season.  The Jackrabbit Trail had enough snow for skiing in.  It was pretty enjoyable to put the skis on for the approach.  We opted for climbing Arm and Hammer WI 3+ to start the day.  I planned on shooting video during the day to start making small movies.  It was to cold for my video camera to work which was a bummer.  The three of us moved slow on Wednesday for some reason.  Long drive, early season, cold, windy, I guess we could have made up any excuse.  Either way that route was all we climbed before we called it a day.  I have to admit the skiing, climbing and cold weather was really fun.  We will be guiding in the Catskill’s for the rest of the week.  Things should be coming along nicely with the cold temps.  Our website is launching a new Catskill’s Ice Climbing Condition’s Page in the next couple of days.  From what I have seen already it’s pretty cool looking from the rest.  The link is right here


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