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Platte Clove Waterfalls to Rainbow Falls/ Devils Kitchen 01-04-10

Brendan and I went on a Magical Mystery Tour yesterday in Platte Clove.  After parking at the Kitchen we walked down the road to the S curve and headed down a car filled gully to reach the bottom.  We ended up below Rainbow Falls and started our hike back up-stream.  Rainbow’s left side is starting to fill in and should be good to go in a week or so.  We passed multiple climbs heading back up-stream.  Some of the climbs could be  600 ft  long with snow fields in between ice pitches.  Plenty of single pitch routes can be had at just about anytime.  Once we got to Japanese Falls we roped up and climbed the left side.  The middle is open and running right now.  The falls are basically solo’s with maybe one good screw placement every so often.  They could certainly use another week or so before better, safer lines appear.  The Devil’s Kitchen was in great shape with tons of ice to be climbed.  Walking is still a little weird go from one point to the next.  If you would like to learn to ice climb in these locations please call 845-853-5450 or check out our website at  We also have a Catskills Ice Climbing Conditions page at

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