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Catskill’s Ice Climbing Conditions 02-18-10

Conditions have been pretty good the past couple of weeks.  Starting last Friday I have managed to climb at Asbestos, The Notches, Platte Clove, Buttermilk and the Devil’s Kitchen.  Asbestos is in OK shape right now.  It is certainly getting hit by the sun.  Buttermilk was in excellent shape yesterday with 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground.  The creek crossing is cake.  Once the trail gets packed down a little it will be less slippery.  The Devil’s Kitchen is great with line to climb everywhere.  Platte Clove is good and bad.  The small pitch on Japanese is open with some big fractures on the right side of it.  The small pitch on Bridal Veil doesn’t really take screws.  The new snow should really help out the Notches this weekend.  Travel was getting kinda scary.  If you need any other information call 845-853-5450 our check our conditions page at or click

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