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Adirondack’s Ice and Gunks Rock Climbing 03-16-10

Right now is that special time of the year.  When you can climb some fun ice in the Dacks and the next day climb some warm rock in the Gunks.  That is pretty much what I did Monday and Tuesday.  I guided Multiplication Gully and Chouinards Gully in the Adirondacks on Monday.  It was nice weather wise with no rain and only snow showers during the day.  The ice on Chouinards first pitch is taking a real beating.  I can’t image it will be good anymore.  The top pitch of Chouinards and Multiplication Gully were both in fun easy shape.  Jeremy Haas told me the Trap Dike and the North Face of Gothics are in great shape right now.  Both of these routes are great ways to end a good ice season.  Get it now while you can!!!  Yesterday I climbed rock in the Gunks.  It was amazing outside with the temps just at the right number.  No bugs to speak of, no leafs and no lines.  Everything is dry and ready for some early season accents to be made.  This will be a great week to get outside.

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