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Father & Son Rock Climbing Days in the Gunks

Father & son rock climbing days in the Gunks are a great way to reconnect and have a ton of fun.  I took a father and son team out rock climbing the other day at the Trapps cliff in the Gunks.  We meet at 9:00am at Rock & Snow in New Paltz to go over equipment for the day and waivers.  With a quick drive up to the cliff coupled with our approach hike to our first climb.  We began by going over a ground school on belaying, gear retrieval, foot work & a safety check.  After a firm understanding of the ground school, it was time to climb the Gunks classic, Horseman 5.5 in two pitches to the top of the cliff.  Horseman is one of the great classic moderate climbs in the Gunks, I never tire of climbing it.  Once at the top of the cliff, I taught a lesson on how to rappel back down to the ground.  Rappelling is a main component in rock climbing & is a skill we want to teach to all beginners.  After a quick-lunch, we headed down to climb another Gunks favorite Jackie.  Jackie is a two pitch 5.5 that has amazing views at the pitch one anchor.  We finished climbing Jackie in good form and rappelled back down to our packs.  A great day spent with great people.  If you would like to spend a day rock climbing in the Gunks call 845-853-5450 or email  You can also check out our website

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