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AMGA CWI Course Prime Climb CT Dec. 2010

Chuck Boyd and I co-taught an American Mountain Guides Association course at the Prime Climb climbing gym in Wallingford, CT Dec. 6-8. 

The course is taught over 2 1/2 days or 20 hours of classroom time.  The AMGA CWI Course focuses on teaching the basic skills necessary to manage an instructional program at an indoor/ artificial climbing  wall facility.  This is great course if you are a gym facilitator, gym staff, camp facilitator or college climbing facilitator.   It provides the tools necessary to create lesson plans, comprehend risk management, and teach to different learning styles affectively. 

We had three students from varying  climbing backgrounds attend the course.  Each student had strengths in education which made all the teaching components move along easily.  The students even got to teach real-time participants how to belay, tie figure eight knots, & brush up on belay commands during the course.   I believe this type teaching, under real circumstances, really hits home the need for quick, efficient, & clear lessons to be taught.

Prime Climb climbing gym is an amazing facility for teaching this course.  It offers plenty of bouldering, leading climbing, top roping, and self belay top ropes.  The gym is well maintained, clean, & the staff is friendly and helpful.


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