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Stoney Clove 12-22/23-10

I been climbing in Stoney Clove for the past week.  Conditions are great on just about everything.  We received some much-needed snow Wednesday and Thursday.  The approaches are still pretty slippery.  Hey, at least it’s nice to look at.  Climbed Spiral Stairs WI 4, Entertainer WI 3+, and something to the far right of Offstage that goes at WI 3+ yesterday.  Tons of fun in blustery, winter conditions.  The winds were a howlin. 

The photos are from me guiding on Wednesday.  We climbed Climax, Ice Capades, &  Ron’s Gully.  Moore’s Center & Moore’s Right are looking good.  Moore’s Left and Moore’s Bridge Gully are still pretty thin.  Palenville Corner is good to go.  The ravines look like they are all pretty fat.


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