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Catskills ice conditions 12-30-10

Last Tuesday I headed back into Platte Clove after the big snow.  The creeks are fairly easy to manage right now.  Some holes still exist.  I rapped the four waterfalls and climbed the unnamed WI3 at the bottom of Japanese Falls to start the day.  I took the steeper lines climbing back out all of the falls.

I finished by climbing Plattekill Falls.  Some odd parasols guard the top out making for some interesting climbing.  Coupled with the cracking and moaning noises being made by the main tube made the last pitch of the day pretty exciting.

Wednesday Kirk, Wes, and I headed up to Stoney Clove to climb the East Side Corners.  They are in great shape right now.  The right side goes at WI4+ and the left side being strange WI3+.  A WI4+ has formed to the left of these corners.  Have fun!!!  Happy New Year.

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