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Gunks rock climbing season is in full swing

Ice climbing season drifted right into rock climbing season nicely this year.  Personally, I left the ice climbing season kicking and screaming.  Once I got back to the Gunks and started climbing hard, that kicking and screaming turned to laughter and joy.  It also turned into logging some serious air time climbing those hard routes.  Hey, trying to get better always involves some failures.  Those failures are actually small battles won.  The small battles your mind likes to fight with you while trying to push your limits.

So another amazing Gunks rock climbing season gets back into full swing.  Warm days on these southeast facing cliffs, watching birds catch thermals, the leafs pop and then change, temperature inversions with low-lying clouds in the Hudson Valley, and yes even bugs bring the love of this area back again.  So many wonderful classic routes to climb it will make your mind swim.  It’s time to get back to one of the oldest and best climbing venues the U.S. has to offer.


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