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Chasing the rainy day blues away!

This morning’s weather may not have looked promising, but our group was up to the challenge! Knowing the cliffs at Bonticou would have the best chance of drying out after our morning showers we headed up the crag trail to the base of the crag. The scramble was a bit slippery, so helmets and sure footing were a must.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
After the skies opened up again, we went with plan ‘B’ Let’s go caving! These three teens  were keen to check out the talus caves for their very first trip underground.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Eventually, we were all able to climb the cliffs and these kids could tear it up!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Mountain Laurel are starting to bloom, right along with these kids climbing skills.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had time to teach everyone the basics of rappelling back down,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA before heading back to the comforts of dry clothes, and a refreshing dip at Split Rock. We always try to find a way to make the day a success no matter what the weather.

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