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Learn to Lead Climb Courses at the Gunks and Peterskill


Learning To Lead

If you’ve been on the rock for a while; top roping and following, sport climbing or coming out of a gym, we’ll introduce you to the art of traditional leading. You will learn to use nut, cams, slings, and carabiners correctly and efficiently. We’ll start your day by introducing you to each piece of equipment, it’s functions and limitations. Next we’ll teach you how to place each piece of gear properly and build bomb-proof anchors. Finally, you’ll hone your skills on the sharp end by doing mock leads; you’ll be protected by a top rope while you lead. You and your instructor will then simultaneously rappel your route and critic each gear placement. This comprehensive approach to traditional climbing can be taught in a block of simultaneous days, or stretched out over several days throughout the season.  Check out our website at for more information.  Call 845-853-5450 or email

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