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What To Bring: Summer and Winter


Windham High Peak 3,524 nightime exposure

For rock climbing weather bring food or something to snack on and  two liters of water to drink during the day.  If it’s the summer months and hot and humid lean more towards three liters of water for the day.  We usually don’t take a lunch with everything that is going on so when you get hungry go ahead and eat.  Wear close toed shoes or running shoes to walk around in.  Sandals or flip flops are not appropriate for walking around the cliff.  Always check the weather for the type of clothing you should be wearing.  For instance, spring and fall conditions could call for a fleece jacket and a hat in the morning and pants and a t-shirt in the afternoon.  Bring a camera along for taking pictures of the great places you will visit.  A backpack or good day pack is great to carry all your equipment and goodies around in while exploring the vertical environment.  One last thing to make your day complete is a great attitude and a willingness to try new experiences.

Winter Gear List:  We supply all technical ice climbing equipment but if you have your own gear go ahead and bring it along.  The winter list has a lot more to it.  Layering is the key to regulating your body temperature during the day.  It is not uncommon to be hiking up a steep slope and working hard one minute and standing still belaying the next.   Wearing the correct clothing can make or break your day in the mountains. 

-Alpine day pack 2,500 to 3,500 cu. in. for carrying all your gear for the day. 

 -2 litters of water or something warm to drink in a thermos and food for the day.

-A camera, sunglasses, chemical hand-warmers, and a headlamp.

-Socks should be synthetic or wool.  A synthetic liner sock works well under a heavy weight wool sock.

-Long underwear first layer should be a wicking layer like lightweight capilene or silk weight capilene.

-Long underwear second layer should be a heavier weight insulating layer like micro fleece or mid-weight fleece.

-Heavy insulating layer over your long underwear like 200 or 300 heavy weight fleece.

-I like to bring along a belay coat like a down or synthetic down jacket for standing around.

-Shell coat and pants should be Gortex or a similar waterproof breathable material.  The soft shells made now work well for this.

-Hats should be fleece or wool, neck gaiters or a balaclava work well in really cold conditions.

-Gloves for ice climbing should have good dexterity to able to handle carabiners, belay devices, and ropes.  Gloves will get wet during the day so bringing along a least two pairs is normal.

-Gaiters are great for protecting your pants from your crampons and also for keeping snow out of your boots.

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